winter in san diego


it’s still sunny, but the holiday in beautiful san diego is upon us. this season i decided to take a break from the big events like Renegade Craft Fair and instead focus on updating my shop and participate in some local events. while i already miss seeing my fellow crafters and friends from the Renegade [...]

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fivla and vitamin wear fair isle sweaters


you may have come across these sweeties, fival and vitamin. the Scotland tourism board went full photo Shetland pony shoot to drum up more visitors to their enchanting Shetland Islands.

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where should i knit today?

stephen west

if you’re indecisive about where to start or finish rater your current fiber project please take some suggestions by the very talented Stephen West. this video is so playfully funny it’s hard not to bring a smile to even an unsuspecting fiber art fan.

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small business saturday


we get wrapped up in all the big name retailers and many times forget the wonderful brick and mortar shops or little online stores that need our support during the holidays, not to mention during the rest of the year. small business saturday is that reminder. so forget about the sale at target, forever 21 [...]

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thanksgiving super sale. oh my!


there’s a select few times out of the year when the shop holds a sale. now’s the time. check out the shop and find some great stocking stuffers or gifts for yourself. cheers!

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the thankful turkey


the holiday season is always a good opportunity to appreciate and embrace your loved ones. i feel that it’s our family and friends that keep us grounded, supported and inspired, regardless of how irritating and sometimes irrational they can be.

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summer heat, blogging hiatus and other updates

the Aice knit cowl // winter collection 2012 by theLOVEstitch

after a short break maintaining my website and attempting to be a “blogger,” i’m back. well, i won’t claim that i’ll be posting content everyday or every week, but i’m going to try my darn-dess to post more frequently. the summer Renegade shows in San Francisco and Los Angeles were amazing.

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renegade craft fair San Francisco this weekend


my car is packed and i’ve put the hooks and needles to rest for now. i’ve been preparing for this event and next weekend’s for months. tonight i leave on a road trip to the city by the bay. Renegade Craft Fair San Francisco style gets underway this weekend. come join over 200+ crafty artistsans [...]

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what’s in your Birchbox?


the monthly beauty product subsription buzz has been humming for quite some time within the beauty communities.  i can’t even remember the first time i heard about the concept of subscription beauty boxes, but there’s been talk, for awhile, i just wasn’t listening.  silly julia!

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homemade chai tea recipe


  this is my first recipe post and it’s my ode to chai tea. oh how i love thee beautifully spiced chai tea, let me count the ways… my affections for chai tea have been long-standing, but it wasn’t until a recent visit to Intelligentsia’s Silverlake location and some discussion from a knowledgeable chai tea [...]

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